Meet The Team

Meet Our Fantastic Team of Professional Pet Care Providers!


Courteney owns and operates Happy Tails. She has a B.S. in Veterinary Science from the University of Arizona and worked as a veterinary technician for 5 years. She is a native El Pasoan and is proud to service the people and pets of El Paso. Courteney services some Anthony, Westside and the Upper Valley areas of El Paso.


Travis also owns and operates Happy Tails.  He currently takes care of our office’s administrative duties and is available to Happy Tails sitter’s in an emergency. Travis also has an EMT training background.


Kristin is an avid animal lover and caretaker. She is our “pug expert” and mom of 2 sweet pugs! She came to El Paso with her husband, who is with the US Army. She worked as a professional pet sitter when stationed in Hawaii, and also volunteered at the SPCA there. Kristin currently services the Westside of El Paso.

Christine (Chris)

Chris owns two cats and one bird. She has worked as a professional dog groomer and veterinary technician. She was also employed at Pet Emporium. Just prior to joining the Happy Tails team, Chris owned and operated a professional pet sitting service in El Paso named Pet Stop Pet Sitting Service. She understands the importance of professional pet sitting, and treats every furry, feathered, and scaled client as her own! Chris currently services Santa Teresa and Upper Valley of El Paso.


Ebony has been pet sitting for Happy Tails since 2011 and is currently enrolled at EPCC. She has experience with normal house pets and unique or exotic pets. Ebony currently services Kern, some Westside, and Downtown areas of El Paso.


Lacey was brought to El Paso through the US Army. She has owned dogs most of her life and she has taken care of cats, snakes, fish, guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon.  She is very family oriented and believes a pet should be treated as a member of the family. Lacey currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Paula has lived in El Paso since 2001. When not pet sitting she works as a clinical psychologist and loves using animals for her personal “therapy”. Paula is an active foster home for From the Heart Rescue. She is also involved with other local community associations to help animals and people in need.  Paula currently services the Mesa Hills area of El Paso.


Stephanie has never met an animal she didn’t love. She has been pet sitting since she was a young teenager and full time sits with Happy Tails. Stephanie has experience with a variety of animals. She absolutely loves working with pets and strives to serve families well by caring for their furry family as they were her own. Stephanie currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Leah has always had a passion for animals . She is currently working towards her life dream of becoming a Veterinarian and is enrolled at NMSU. She spends her free time with her family and pets, being outdoors and volunteering at the Animal Services Shelter. Leah currently services the Eastside of El Paso.


Kevin grew up in El Paso and has a strong passion for animals. He has had employment with the Humane Society and Animal Services of El Paso. He aspires to be a service animal trainer in the future. Kevin currently services the Eastside of El Paso and Horizon.


Sabrina grew up in El Paso and has cared for animals her entire life. Sabrina has been happily sitting with Happy Tails since 2011. She began pet sitting to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She now enjoys taking care of client’s pets. Sabrina currently services Northeast El Paso.


Leslie was born and raised in El Paso and has always had a soft spot for animals. She enjoys spending time with animals and is fascinated by their unique characteristics. Leslie has been pet sitting for family and friends for years and is known to be gentle and kind to their pets. She has three precious dogs, Kiki, Marker, Twinkie, and Ms. Good Morning, her turtle. Leslie has been in the Hotel Industry for 11 years and has 19 years of customer service experience under her belt. She looks forward to caring for your pets and providing them companionship while you are away. Leslie currently services Northeast El Paso.

Ross & Maria Dolores

Ross & Maria Dolores have been residents of El Paso since 2002. They are passionate about their three dogs, Chelsey, Jerry, and Anubis, and often find themselves herding escaped neighborhood dogs back to their homes when on their daily walks. They are eager to meet your furry and scaly family members and to treat them as their own. Ross and Maria Dolores currently service the Upper Valley area of El Paso.


Mary has grown up with animals her entire life and enjoys caring for all pets as if they were her own. She also has many years of experience as a tax professional and has lived in El Paso for over 40 years. Mary currently services the Eastside of El Paso.


Suyapa moved to El Paso in 2015 with her husband, who is currently in the US Army. She has been around and taken care of animals her entire life. When she is not substitute teaching or pet sitting, she is spending time with her four dogs and two cats. Suyapa currently services Santa Teresa and Upper Valley area of El Paso.


Donna recently moved to El Paso from Connecticut where she was involved in many animal rescue organizations that took care of cats, dogs and most recently a horse /donkey rescue that also handled farms animals.  She is a lifelong animal rescuer and caretaker having had many fur babies of her own. She now shares her home with Jazper, a Cocker Spaniel from a rescue in NYC.  She is an Operations Business Manager by profession but her passion has always been caring for the health and well being of animals.  Donna services the Westside of El Paso.


Jennifer has over 20 years of pet sitting experience and has loved every minute of it. She is an ESOL instructor at El Paso Community College and UTEP and has an M.A. in Linguistics. Jennifer is also a licensed speech therapist assistant.  She and her husband have two sweet, but naughty kitties (Sam and Bea) who are their fur babies. She understands how important people’s pets are to them. Jennifer currently services the Westside of El Paso, Kern and UTEP areas.


Julie is originally from Kansas City, MO, but moved to El Paso in 2011 with her family.  She is an avid animal lover and has five rescue pups of her own.  Julie has worked with rescue facilities over the years and has always had a dog, cat or bird as a part of the family. Julie has had experience with special needs dogs and cats. She considers all furry friends a part of your family and will take care of your loved one as if they were one of her own. When not pet-sitting Julie works with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program. Julie currently services Northwest and Upper Valley El Paso.


Judy was born in Buffalo New York, but raised in El Paso. She enjoys the weather here. She has always had a deep respect for animals and enjoys caring for all types of pets. Judy volunteered at a pet sanctuary for two years and has experience administering medications to dogs and cats. She has years of pet sitting experience and has serviced dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, hamsters, horses, donkeys, iguanas, snakes, and fish. Judy currently services the Eastside and some Lower Valley area of El Paso.


Taylor is a native El Pasoan and UTEP graduate. She earned a Bachelors degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Theory. Taylor has always rescued animals, and has experience with a variety of pets; from dogs and cats to iguanas and African dwarf frogs. She has a passion for animals and loves gardening and caring for house plants as well. Taylor currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Alex moved from Kansas City to El Paso 6 years ago, he graduated from Franklin and is currently studying Digital Media at UTEP. He has grown up around several different types animals his whole life. He also has experience with special needs pets.He currently has 6 dogs and enjoys walking his German Shepherd. Alex currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Melanie grew up in Galveston, TX were she was surrounded by dogs, cats, parrots, horses, snakes, & a Partridge in a pear tree.  She made her way to El Paso with her husband through the Army in 2016. Melanie has never met an animal she didn’t love and looks forward to loving on yours. Melanie currently serves the Westside of El Paso.


Dawn and her husband are originally from Massachusetts. She has 7 children and 7 grand dogs, and has been surrounded by dogs and cats throughout her life. Her 24 years of military life brought her to the El Paso area.  Dawn brings experience from hobby pet sitting for friends and neighbors at many of previous duty stations and volunteering at the local shelters. Her pets are a part of her family and she feels all pets should always be treated as such. Dawn currently services Fort Bliss.


Bridget brings experience to the Happy Tails team through working at a dog sanctuary.  She has worked with both healthy and sick animals,  and is experienced with convalescent care. Bridget also has experience with ferrets, dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and other exotic pets. Her passion has always been animals, and she looks forward to meeting and servicing her client’s pets. Bridget currently services the Eastside of El Paso.


Alyssa was raised in a military family and has lived several places, but is originally from Colorado. She has owned dogs her entire life and truly enjoys spending time with pets. Alyssa has over four years of pet sitting experience from other duty stations, before her move to El Paso. She believes pets have a lot to offer people. Through this position she is able to fulfill her passion of being attentive and caring to our four legged friends. Alyssa currently services the Fort Bliss area.


Emily is originally from the state of Colorado. She came to El Paso with her family, through the US Army. Emily has several years of pet sitting experience, gained from other duty stations. She is familiar with all types of pets and has the most experience with dogs. Pets have always played an important role for her while growing up and she understands how important they are as family members. Emily currently services the Fort Bliss area.


Paige has owned all types of animals throughout her life. From horses, to mice, hamsters, dogs, cats, and even a bunny rabbit! If it has four legs, feathers, or fur, you can count her in. Currently Paige has four large dogs who are her whole world. She has over eight years of experience in pet sitting. Paige has sat for a variety of animals with different needs. She is very focused on meeting the needs of each individual pet, that way she can make them as comfortable as she possibly can while their humans are away. Paige currently services the Fort Bliss area.


Cynthia was born and raised in El Paso. She grew up in the El Paso High area and is bilingual in English and Spanish. Cynthia has been surrounded by pets her entire life and currently owns four dogs. She has two dachshunds, Jagger & Axl, that were rescued from the Animal Rescue League, one Weimerainer, Violet, and little Jolie who she inherited after her mother passed away in 2016. Cynthia is passionate about caring for animals and treasures the joy that they bring to our lives. She looks forward to meeting clients and their furry friends and promises to give them the TLC that they deserve. Cynthia currently services the Westside & Kern area.


Kristi, originally from Virginia, has grown up with animals her entire life. She has experience from domestic pets to farm animals and has enjoyed being around them all! As a dog owner herself (her babies pictured above), Kristi understands how hard it can be when owners need to be away. She looks forward to caring for your pets as if they were her own, so they will be comfortable right at home in her care. Kristi services Northwest El Paso.


Theresa is a native Texan who has grown up raising and caring for animals, to include cats, dogs, lizards, hamsters, goats, and horses. She has been pet sitting for family friends for several years and loves making new four-legged friends. Theresa has three pups of her own and has experience caring for special needs dogs. She firmly believes that a pet is a member of the family and looks forward to caring for your pet the way she does her own. Theresa services Upper Valley El Paso.


Katie is a Sun City native and has grown up with animals her entire life.  Since she was young she would pet sit for her friends and family.  Katie has a degree from UTEP in Communication Studies and soon plans to get her teaching certification.  She lives an active lifestyle, whether it be hiking with her beloved Border Collie, Roscoe, camping or cooking for her loved ones.  She is proud to be part of the Happy Tails team and looks forward to taking care of your beloved fur babies! Katie services Mesa Hills and Kern area of El Paso.


Jamie is a lover of and an advocate for all animals. She has a BA in English, but also has 10 years personal experience as a petsitter and professional experience as a veterinary assistant and a kennel technician. She loves to spend her extra time with her husband and two teen boys as well as her two pugs, Hammy and Pig Pig. Jamie services the Eastside of El Paso.


Katherine found her way to El Paso in 2016 as an Army wife. She has two human children and two fur babies. Katherine brings years of pet sitting experience from previous duty stations and is passionate about being apart of the Happy Tails Pet Sitting team. She has experience with both farm animals and house pets. She looks forward to meeting you and your pets! Katherine currently services the Upper Valley and Northwest areas of El Paso.


Kate was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew up with many pets over the years including dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters. Currently, Kate has 2 dogs, Boots and Bennie, and a new kitten named Brady. She has experience pet sitting for many years for friends and family, and also has experience as a kennel technician at a boarding facility and doggy daycare. Kate has always had a soft spot for animals and greatly enjoys their companionship and caring for them. She likes to meet new animals and appreciates their different personalities. She looks forward to meeting yours as well! Kate currently services Northeast El Paso.


 Kamarin is originally from the beautiful island of Guam and has been in Texas for 9 years, Kamarin has been here in El Paso since 2016, her husband is currently stationed at Fort Bliss. Together with her husband they have two dogs, Milo a White German Shepherd and Whiskey a Husky mix. Kamarin has been an animal lover since she was young and continues to express her love each day. She loves each pet as if they were her own and can’t wait to help take care of yours. Kamarin currently services Northeast El Paso.


 Nadine is an animal lover who has currently five dogs living with her. She grew up with dogs, cats and small animals like, rabbits, hamsters and rats. Before she had a son, she opened up her home to foster dogs, trained and socialized them for better adoptions. Nadine currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Ashley is a born and raised (mostly) El Pasoan. She graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Animals, usually dogs, have always been in her life which is why she has a deep affection for them. Whether they are her own pet or someone else’s she has always enjoyed caring for them. She has been house/pet sitting for over fifteen years and is thrilled to care for El Paso’s pets. When not caring for furry family members she has been taking pictures and exploring Greece and India. Ashley currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Rachel is originally a Tennessean who came to El Paso with her 5 pets and her husband who is a member of the US Army.  Rachel has 2 German Shepherds and 3 rescue cats. She has years of experience with special needs animals as well as rescues.  Rachel is practiced in delivering medications including but not limited to oral medications, shots, IV’s, blood checks, ect.  Rachel has a passion for giving the most comprehensive care to each individual animal. Rachel currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Amanda is a native of the El Paso area who has been an animal lover her entire life. She has been pet sitting off and on for 14 years. She has an accounting degree, but she plans to return to school to become a nurse. She is a dog mom to Lyla and Kobe. In her spare time, she loves to read, listen to music, and watch sitcoms. Amanda currently services the Westside of El Paso.


Jessica moved to El Paso in 2015 from Las Vegas. She has had fur babies in her family since she was young and currently loves on her two Old English Bulldogs, Bear and Mia. Jessica enjoys meeting new animals and treats them as if they were her own. As a client of Happy Tails, she understands what it feels like to have to leave your babies with someone else. She looks forward to giving you peace of mind that your precious ones are well taken care of. Jessica currently services the Northwest and Park Hills areas of El Paso.


Jacquelyn has experience volunteering and assisting with various kinds of animals. She enjoys interacting with them, and raises her own pets in a loving environment. Jacquelyn currently owns one dog named Duke and two cats named Zazu and Nala. She believes all pets should be nurtured and always feel loved. Jacquelyn also has enjoyed pet sitting for family and friends years before joining the Happy Tails team. She has a strong passion for working with animals and looks forward to meeting and servicing her clients pets. Jacquelyn currently service the Westside of El Paso.


Adrienne and her husband are originally from Virginia.  She has 3 furbabies, 2 dogs and a cat and has raised both her and her parents’ pets throughout her life.  Her husband’s military service brought her to Fort Bliss.  Adrienne brings experience for pet care from hobby pet sitting for friends, pet grooming, and experience from horseback riding from her youth and adult life.  She loves to see the unique personalities of each pet and has been known to find pets a home when they don’t have one.  In addition, when she has walked her dogs she has been known to find a stray pet and care for them until the owner arrives at her home.  Pets have been a large part of her life since she was a little girl and she believes pets are members of the family and should always be loved unconditionally!  Adrienne currently services Fort Bliss.

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